HYVE Crowdsourcing Contest

16 Feb 2018 - 31 Mar 2018
All Day

We launched a worldwide crowdsourcing campaign to collect ideas for the mission of the first female German astronaut. On this platform you have the opportunity to propose your own projects for our mission as well as to discuss and evaluate other ideas. Help us to send the first female German astronaut on her journey to the International Space Station!

Our initiative is focused on two very important objectives:

  • The scientific aspect:Since the astronaut will spend about 10 days in space, she will have the opportunity to collect scientific data, carry out experiments under microgravity or any other commercialized activity.
  • A cultural aspect: The foundation “Erste deutsche Astronautin” wants to give women and girls a role model and inspire them in particular with regard to education for scientific and technical professions. The initiative aims to encourage them to pursue their career aspirations in aerospace or any other areas of interest.

Support us now and submit your ideas here https://astronautin.hyvecrowd.com




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