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Your support for the first female German astronaut

The foundation "Erste deutsche Astronautin gGmbH" has a clear goal: to send the first female German astronaut to space by 2020.

Aims of the company:

inspire girls and young women towards space, science and technology
support science and research on board the ISS and make the results of science accessible
Organization, planning and realization of the research of the first female German astronaut in space
Intensive preparation on Earth
Accompanying the flight
Stay on the ISS station and return

Your contribution counts!

Your donation makes an important contribution to the successful organization and financing of the mission of the first female German astronaut.

A journey into space does not come from the visionary idea alone. The two astronaut trainees, Nicola Baumann and Insa Thiele-Eich, as well as the entire team of "Astronautin", are delighted to be able to rewrite German and female space history.

In order for the project to go successfully into the next phase, the training has to be financed and we need your support.

© Juliana Socher

© Juliana Socher

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