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Cooperations, training and space travel up close

General opportunities in partnerships and cooperation

The people behind "Die Astronautin" are absolutely interested in creative ideas and innovative ways of thinking, and always open to new developments.

Possible fields of activity are:

1. In the press and public relations

For example with the partner's logo on the space suit or the official polo, in official films and photo material, as a sponsor of the social media / youtube channels, or with articles in magazines and as advertising motifs for the partner product. Often it is also possible to weave a product into the story of the astronaut, e.g. as a souvenir on the ISS.

Also possible are official sponsoring of individual events in public relations, such as the participation of astronauts on the Flight Day of the German Museum in Oberschleißheim.

The astronauts themselves like to take part in a variety of events from schools to public conferences to company meetings. There they can speak in lectures on various topics from space travel to "women in men's domains" as well as stress resistance, motivation and the implementation of one's visions.

2. In training and during the mission

Individual or several training sections can be sponsored, for example. These include parabolic flights, diving and centrifuge training, a Russian language course, survival training, an anti-stress seminar and emergency medical training.

A parabolic flight is, among other things, very suitable for flying products, trying them out in weightlessness or using them. Similarly, other training sections can be designed.

Smaller products / photos / logos are perfect for flying on the ISS. Photos and videos of their own products are of course included!

3. Through scientific projects

The campaign is keen to carry out scientific experiments from and for its partners during the mission. "Space approved" is a great branding!

You are also welcome to donate to the foundation "The First Female German Astronaut (a non profit company)" foundation

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